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About Postbit

What is Postbit?

Postbit is an online tool to create your blog and photo album. You just have to choose a username to easily start blogging and sharing photos.

  • Content management - Easy editor for your posts with file upload.
  • Personalize your layout with themes - Click "preferences" to choose the layout that best fits with you.
  • Follow and be followed - Don't miss interesting posts from your friends.
  • Your own web address - Choose your username now.
  • Create multiple profiles - Easily manage one profile for each of your interests or products. With a single login you can have many sites like:, ....
  • Easy to Share your photos and posts - Send your posts and pictures to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Content Fine Tuning - You can write posts and pages using pure HTML and javascript code.
  • Analytics - Stats of your blog access in real time for each page and each profile that you have.


How much does it cost to create my photo album or blog with Postbit?

Postbit is FREE. It costs nothing. Choose your username now.


How can I create a web page with Postbit?

1. Choose your username.

2. Click "Create new post".

The post will be available as a web page with its own address (URL). The title of the post will be used to create the friendly web address. For example, if you create a post with title "My Webpage" then the page will be created with web address:


Why Postbit was created ?

Postbit is a publishing platform for user-generated content. It was created because I could not find an easy, good and free platform to publish my own content in the format of blog, posts and photo albums. If I need a photo album I had to use Flickr. If I need a blog I had to use Blogspot or Wordpress. With Postbit I can have everything in a single place.

Who created Postbit ?

Postbit was created by Rodrigo de Almeida Siqueira.


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